Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Princess Classic

Oh my Gosh I want this bycicle soooo bad!!!! But it has quite the hefty price tag!!!
I have fantasies of riding this on a warm spring day running errands utilizing my little basket, with a baguette poking out of it. I guess I must be in Paris in my fantasy then?


Robine said...


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N/OutofFashion said...

Its so cute!

I would want it in powder blue or pink though, for ultimate cuteness.

Tali said...

haha i was thinking that but i like the contrast of the dark and light from the basket and i thought that meshed better for me.

Ash1314 said...

wow.....love this bike....im still looking to purchase new bike and rollerblades :)

SpiegelEule said...

want this!
perfect and nostalgic