Monday, June 30, 2008

Ebay Dresses & New Shoes

When I recieved this dress, I tried it on and immediately realized the length was too short to be a dress. I'm assuming it might have been a girl's dress and I somehow miscalculated the given length in the description of the item. Given this predicament I was in I immediatly thought to my closet to think what I could pair it with so it doesn't seem so short. I thought of "THE WHITE SKIRT". The same skirt I featured a couple of posts ago and a couple of posts before that. All my slips or dresses didn't fit the puffed out silhouette of the dress, it was strange. The skirt and it's puffy silhouette was the perfect solution.
Dress: Vintage White/ Floral Babydoll dress(ebay)
Skirt: White Puff Skirt(Forever21)
Shoes: Vintage Burgundy Pixie ankle boots(ebay)
Sunglasses: Large Tortoise Wayfarers(spring st.)
The Free Dress
So remember I told you the seller for the previous dress was so sweet, she gives all her first time buyers a free gift. This was the free gift I recieved. An Amazing Vintage 90's buttonfront floral dress.The belt I added to accessorize the dress, although it doesn't really need it. By the way, did you see the back? Isn't it wonderful?
Dress: Vintage 90's buttonfront floral(ebay)
Shoes: Black Platform strappy gladiator heels(ebay)
Belt: Black studded skinny belt(Target)


Wendy said...

The first dress is so darling. And the white underskirt goes really well with the silhouette.

Isa said...

you look so amazing in those dresses!
I think we would look so quirky together right now - my summer spirit makes me want to wear nothing but little floaty dresses..
btw: what ebay seller exactly is it? I actually have quite a hard time finding lovely stuff on ebay lately.

you can also leave me that information here, if you don´t like to make it too much of a public thing:

adieu, isa

Tali said...

Thanks so much for your wonderful compliments!!!
wendy- phew, even though the skirt was the best choice in my closet I still wasn't sure how people would perceive it. But now I'm sure it doesn't look strange.