Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dressing Pink


I found this dress while thrifting, when I laid my eyes on it, I knew that I couldn't let it go. It had me written all over it, even though I'm not such a big fan of pink clothes(I never thought the color looked good on me). But I did get past my "phobia" of pink clothes and purchased this immediatley. Originally it had huge giant "apron" pockets on it with a button to close it and it was much longer. I took off the "apron" pockets shortened the hem and viola!! I had to altar the dress because it was just looking too matronly, although it did have this '50's homemaker feel to it. I imagined it belonged to a mom in the '50's who needed a dress for the house and she created by hand this dress with huge pockets so she didn't have to wear an apron. I also imagined wearing this while riding my roberto pie bicycle. I also have to note that the shoes are from last summer and were absolute staples. I wore them to death with everything and they are a great substitution for flip flops (I don't wear flip flops). They are from H&M and were 9 dollars, thats why they kind of look the way they do. Anyways I'm due for a substitute pair. I wish I could have bought another pair at the time. Anyways this is what I'm looking at for a substitute pair.

P.S. Did you see that back? How could I not take this dress?
Dress: Vintage Pink w/ white print stripes dress (thrifted)
Bag: Vintage Burgundy Sanddle Bag(ebay)
Shoes: Striped flat sandle(H&M, last summer)
Sunglasses: Large Tortoise Wayfarers(Spring St.)


a cat of impossible colour said...

What a beautiful dress! You look lovely.

I miss warm weather :( It's winter here and I'm wearing about a million layers.

Wendy said...

The dress is so amazing, the cut out back totally makes it. Great find!

Tali said...

thanks so much!!!!
a cat of impossible colour: I'm sorry to hear that. I hate winter but i don't mind layering so much if its in the fall though. I hate layering for winter.