Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Newly Plaided

I wore this for a night out on the Bowery.This is the skirt I blogged about a while back. I purchased it a while ago but just now have taken it out on the town. I shortened the hem a bit because it's original knee length hem was just not gonna cut it. Surprisingly when I saw it in the stores the fabric was just so light and airy that even if it is plaid it can definitely work for summer as well as way into fall and winter too.
So I went to this bar called the Bowery Electric which was great but not alot of dancing, but great music.Then headed to this bar called Home Sweet Home and seriously i haven't had that much fun in I don't know how long. The young Lords (I think) were Djing and they had an amazing playlist. Song after song after song was sick. So as I'm chilling out in this basement style/ high school party style bar I look at this girl and I'm really looking at her thinking, that girl looks familiar who is she? Then i realized it was Kirsten Dunst. She looked soo good, not at all like they make her out to be as haggard looking on those gossip mags.She was fresh faced and cute. I seriously was back to back w/ her. It was definately a cool end to an awesome night. The pain in my feet from that's another story.
Top: White scoop neck T(f21)
Skirt: Plaid Full skirt(F21)
Shoes:Zinc brown oxford platforms
Bag: Vintage Burgundy Saddle Bag(ebay)


Wendy said...

The skirt is so cute, I love it!

Tali said...

Thnx soo much. i think forever21 still has it in stores. it would look very cute on you too.