Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Kook-y Show


About two weeks ago(i know i need to be a little more up to date with this blog) I went to a Kook's show at Terminal 5 in hells kitchen. I went with my boyfriend and another two friends of ours. The show as you can tell was awesome. The sound and their performance was spot on although the lead singer was kind of being self centered, and I felt like there was a disconnection with the crowd, but it could be just because I was soo squished. He would also purposely sing in a strange manner so the crowd wouldn't follow in the sing-along fashion. It was kind of annoying and wierd. Especially since reading their NYLON article in NYLON's music issue they sounded so humble, but aside from that it was such a great show. They are an amazing band and have great talent. If you haven't seen them live, then go see them, they are sure to give a good performance.
On a side note: I wore this outfit to the show that night.

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